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Open RQC colloquium. Lecture 12

The Twelfth lecture "One-dimensional transport of ultracold atoms" in "Open RQC colloquium" will be held in National University of Science and Technology MISIS (Moscow, Leninskiy prospekt 4), lecture hall № Б-536 (5th floor) on 18th of November at 10:00 a.m by Igor Lerner, PhD, Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Birmingham, UK


Advances in cooling and trapping of atoms have enabled unprecedented experimental control of many-body quantum systems. This led to the observation of numerous quantum phenomena, important for fundamental science, indispensable for high-precision simulations of condensed-matter systems and promising for technological applications. However, transport measurements in neutral quantum gases are still in their infancy in contrast to the central role they play in electronics. Nevertheless, as quantum technologies continue to mature, characterization and ultimately technical exploitation of quantum transport of ultracold neutral atoms becomes possible. Similarly to microelectronics, this will be most promising in low-dimensional, in particular one-dimensional systems. In this talk, after reviewing nascent experiments on quantum fermionic transport, I will focus on our theoretical prediction and the possibility of experimental observations of qualitatively new phenomena in transport of ultracold bosons which do not have a direct counterpart in quantum electronic transport in condensed matter systems.


Igor Lerner has joined the theoretical department of Institute of Spectroscopy of the Academy of Sciences (ISAN) after graduating from MFTI in 1977. In 1981 he got a PhD at the Lebedev’s Physical Institute (FIAN). After spending a year as a Humboldt Fellow at the Max-Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg (Germany), in 1991 he has joined the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham (UK) as a lecturer. He has become Professor of Theoretical Physics in 1998, and Head of Theoretical Physics in Birmingham in 2006. He has published about 100 papers in leading international journals, and gave about 100 invited talks at international conferences and workshops and more than 150 invited talks in numerous universities and research centres around the world.

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