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Open RQC colloquium. Lecture 8

The eighth lecture "Excitation of spin waves by femtosecond laser pulses" in "Open RQC colloquium" will be held in National University of Science and Technology MISIS (Moscow, Leninskiy prospekt 4), on 16th of September at 10:00 a.m by Vladimir Belotelov, Magneto-optics, Plasmonics and Nanophotonics group lead in RQC.


Nowadays coherent excitation of spin ensembles is of prime research importance since it expands functionalities of magnonics without Ohmic losses and could push forward quantum information that requires local magnetic fields at a subwavelength scale. With this respect optical means are of great promise due to the excitation locality. Moreover, ultrafast optical recording of magnetic bits is of great interest as well. The lecture will give state-of-art overview in this area and present recent results of the Magnetoplasmonics group at RQC.

Please don't forget to take passport for entering to the University. We will meet you at the guard desk.


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