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Fabrice P. Laussy: Two new kinds of light

(Фабрис Лосси: Два новых вида света)

On 3rd of December at 5 pm Fabrice Laussy will hold a seminar in the Russian Quantum Center as part of the worldwide celebrations for The International Year of Light:

«Light is the substratum of the universe since it became transparent in the photon epoch, c. ten seconds after the big bang. As a physical entity, it is the most fundamental and best understood theoretical object, and sets the standard for quantum field theories. It pervades not only humankind's science and technology, but also its history, culture and civilization [Let there be Light", Genesis 1:3]. It has exerted fascination since the dawn of time and was at the heart of many of the major intellectual feasts that bring meaning to our surroundings, in particular shaping both the quantum and relativity theories that are the pinnacle of modern science. The interest for light in all its possible variations is ever increasing.

At the occasion of the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (2015)—a UNESCO observance that aims to raise awareness of the achievements of light science and its applications and its importance to humankind—I will give an overview of past and recent scientifi c achievements, covering such different aspects as astronomy, medicine and communication (classical and quantum), as well as the latest developments that take Light in always more remote corners. In particular, we will present in more details two new kinds of light proposed recently by the speaker and co-authors, one quantum light where the fundamental brick of the light fi eld is upgraded from being an isolated photon to bundles of them [Nat. Photonic 8:550 (2014)], and another classical one that takes all the states of polarization in each emitted pulse [Light: Science & Applications 4:e350 (2015)]. Implications and applications for now and the future will conclude our brief overview of light.»

*1 Russian Quantum Center, Novaya 100, 143025 Skolkovo, Moscow Region, Russia
*2 Departamento de Fisica Teorica de la Materia Condensada and Condensed Matter Physics Center (IFIMAC), Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, E-28049, Spain.

Fabrice Laussy is a RQC researcher in the Quantum Polaritonic division of Alexey Kavokin and head of the "Quantum Polaritonic" group at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), strong of 4 researchers (1 post-doc, 3 Ph.D students). He is active in the theory of interacting light-matter systems. Ph.D in theoretical physics of the Université Blaise Pascal, France. Post-doc experience in Sheffield, Madrid, Southampton and Munich. Author of a textbook (Microcavities, OUP 2011), various book chapters and reviews and over 65 peer reviewed publications (including Nature, Nat. Phys., Nat. Photon., Nat. Comm. and 12 PRL). Born in 1977 in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

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Shuttle bus to business-center "Ural" for event participants will depart at 15:45 from Slavyanskii Bul'var subway station. It will await you at the branching of the Rublevskoye Shosse roadway from Kutuzovsky Prospekt avenue, near the pedestrian crosswalk. In order to find it you should take the exit from the first subway car (when going from city center) to Kutuzovsky Prospekt and walk in the minipark toward Kutuzovsky Prospekt (from the exit to the right, then turn right again). Bus will have "RQC" label on it. Автобус до бизнес-центра "Урал" для участников мероприятия отправится в 15:45 от метро Славянский бульвар. Автобус будет ждать на развилке Кутузовского проспекта и Рублевского шоссе, у пешеходного перехода. Чтобы найти его, вам необходимо выйти из первого вагона метро из центра и пройти по скверу в направлении Кутузовского проспекта (из выхода направо, потом еще раз направо). На автобусе будет табличка "RQC".

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